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Organic foods:

We take pride in producing top quality products. Our premium fine foods and drinks are free from any artificial preservatives and flavouring, the ingredients from ecologically protected areas and the woodlands.

The natural juice obtained from the fresh, healthy fruits of the olive, extra virgin olive oil, is widely revered as one of the great ingredients of Spanish gastronomy.

The color of our organic products is the color of freshly harvested and packaged products: the color of clean products with the taste of truth, the natural aroma, and its original texture. They come from organic farming, which upholds the earth, and respects biodiversity, ensuring healthy products by not using chemicals that affect the entire planet. They are products that put forward the quality before quantity, which is derived from agriculture using traditional techniques but did not stop innovating systems of quality control, implementing a comprehensive manner. His color is that nature wants us to have, that color and those flavors that we thought we had lost. Each package is unique and is treated as an exclusive piece of high quality.

Its varied aromas and flavors, culinary versatility and health-giving attributes have been acknowledged and extolled by chefs, gourmets and nutritionists the world over.

Sanus Food, is a company dedicated to the export Organic & Healthy Foods of High Quality. We are manufacturers and producers. We Export Quality.

Please, if you're interested in our products and you want more information, reply to our e-mail and we will inform you of it as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you, yours Sincerely.

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