Organic jams from Spain

We produce extra jams and vegetable preserves from the best fruits and vegetables from organic farming. We do it respecting traditional methods, thus achieving the flavors rooted in our land.

We pack and trade with other products that are also certified as organic, to which we demand high quality standards, such as sugar, cocoa, agave syrup and honey. We respect and take care of the society and nature that surrounds us, and therefore all our containers are free of Bisphenol A.

We work to offer you the highest quality. Therefore, all our raw materials and products are certified as organic, that is, clean of any chemical substance in the crop and in the production process. The quality control is exhaustive, since the raw material enters the factory until it leaves.

We are aware of the benefits of biological nutrition for our health. Organic fruits and vegetables have more antioxidants than conventional ones and do not contain chemical pesticides capable of accumulating in our body and which prestigious scientists associate with degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

With Cane Sugar

Organic Apple Jam

Organic Apricot Jam

Organic Blueberry Jam

Organic Carrot and Orange

Organic Cherry Jam

Organic Fig Jam

Organic Mango Jam

Organic Onion Jam

Organic Orange Jam

Organic Peach Jam

Organic Pineapple and
Coconut Jam

Organic Raspberry Jam

Organic Red Pepper Jam

Organic Redfruits Jam

Organic Strawberry Jam

Organic Tomatoe Jam

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ORGANIC JAMS, healthy fruits from Spain

Our jam & marmalades is prepared from real fresh organic fruits, carefully selected, freshly cut fruits of certified organic farming, straight from the Spain countryside, are intense in flavor. Extra high content of fresh fruit. All are enjoyable at breakfast time and make wonderful glazes for meat or fish.

Sanus Food

We take pride in producing top quality products. Our premium fine foods and drinks are free from any artificial preservatives and flavouring, the ingredients from ecologically protected areas and the woodlands.


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