Organic honey, oils, vinegars, juices from Spain


Taste the delighsts of honey oils vinegars juices. Sanus Food: all bio, all healthy.

With your private label

Feeding is the basis of health. A healthy diet, depends on the quantity and quality of foods that are included in every meal. Food is culture, agriculture, and health. Food is life itself.

We take pride in producing top quality products. Our premium fine foods and drinks are free from any artificial preservatives and flavouring, the ingredients from ecologically protected areas and the woodlands.

Spain is the leading producer of organic products in the EU. Spain is especially for the development of this type of agriculture because of its favorable weather and extensive production systems which are applied in a large number of crops. All this without forgetting tradition and development reached beekeeping, which has resulted in careful handling to obtaining high quality products for the abundance and variety of the bee flora existing in Spain.

Sanus Food, is a company dedicated to the export "healthy foods of high quality", with your "PRIVATE LABEL". We are manufacturers and producers. We export quality.

We can pack in any size, in any type of jar you need, we can also supply you in bulk.

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